The HH-10 (Heavy Hitter 10) has been heavy on my mind since the birth of BPR. A light recoiling, flat shooting, supremely accurate gas gun built to bolt gun tolerances with BPR dependability. This, like many other things, doesn’t just happen overnight. A great deal must be considered. 

5 Built Per Year

Rifle Only Price:

Turn-Key Package Price:



  • Steel
  • Carbon



Accuracy Guarantee: .5” x5 Shots at 200 yds

Effective Max Hunting Distance: 750 yds

Effective Max Target Distance: 1,440 yds

Build Time: 120 days

Deposit Required: 70%

Lifetime Guarantee


  • BPR HH-10 7075 Billet Receiver Set
  • Extremely Tight Upper to Lower Fitment (more rigid, less sloppy rifle)
  • 8T SS Match Grade Hand Lapped Barrel 5/8×24 Thread Head Spaced Bolt
  • 2.5lb Single Stage Trigger
  • Rayden Raptor SSD Charging Handle
  • Seekins Ambi Safety Levers
  • Thunder Beast CB Brake or Billet Thread Cover
  • Precision Reflex 15” Handguard
  • Custom Springed Captured SS Recoil System 
  • XLR Butt Stock
  • Primary Weapon System Ratcheting Castle Nut
  • All Stainless Steel Parts Kit
  • Flush Cups
  • Tab Biathlon Sling
  • Trued Received Face to Match Barrel Extension Bedded to Receiver for Increased Rigidity and Accuracy
  • Gas Port Drilled to Match Recoil Spring System- a weapon that works like a symphony, nothing can be out of time
  • Gas Block Dimples Drilled and Loctited to Barrel, Further Increasing Dependability
  • Tool Steel Bolt Head Enhanced BCG DLC Coated 
  • Optic Mount ADM QD Titanium Mount
  • Anti-Roll Trigger Pins Loctited to Barrel, Further Increasing Dependability 
  • Cerakote Finish, Making it Easy for Cleaning and Impervious to the Elements
  • Eurgo Grip
  • Atlas Bipod with KMW Pod Lock
  • Thunder Beast Ultra 7 Suppressor 
  • Thermal Cover 
  • Includes Load Development Specifically for Your Rifle (you get load and velocity data)
  • Includes 50 Rounds BPR Super Match Ammunition
  • Leupold Mark 5 3.6×18 Mill FFP CCS ILL Scope
  • Everything Precisely Packaged in a Storm 3300 Case Laser Cut Fit to Your HH-10 and All Accessories 
  • One Day 1-on-1 Shooting Course with Joe. Learn how to use and maintain your rifle and prove that the rifle is what it is said to be. Total accountability=customer satisfaction



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