BPR .45cal LR Smokepole

A long time customer, who owns multiple rifles from me, requested for me to build him a muzzleloader unique to any other. The results of the build were so impressive, I decided to make it a staple item I would create on a very limited basis. My customer’s first year with his BPR LR Smokepole, he harvested an Ohio trophy whitetail at 500 yards. I personally took a Wyoming Elk at 675 yards, with high wind, this past year. There is nothing conventional about it.

“Not your grandad’s muzzleloader.”

his muzzleloader, the BPR LR Smokepole, comes turn-key with a Nightforce optic, a drop chart to 800 yards with wind-holds, quick load tubes, a 3-piece ramrod, a storm case laser-cut to fit weapon and all custom-made accessories, 50 bullets, 1 pound of powder, and a specific die made from your barrel drop used to produce more bullets to match your specific LR smokepole (I can do this for customers upon request). If you are fortunate enough to obtain one of these spots, you will not regret owning the BPR .45 Cal LR Smokepole.

Price includes complete weapon system package, sighted in and ready to hunt.



  • Extends hunting season and likeliness of harvesting a trophy-animal

  • Easy loading due to proprietary load through funnel system and priming modules

  • Does not need cleaned more than a conventional rifle

  • Shoots smokeless or black powder

  • Guaranteed MOA to 800 yards.

  • Expect ½” or less 5-shot groups at 100 yards

  • Velocity: 3000fps with 300gr. Pittman Aeromax high BC bullet

  • Recoil is in line with a 20-gauge slug gun, due to custom muzzle brake

  • Right and left hand configurations available

  • Only 2 built per year *Extremely limited. Built off of a BPR Homeland defender solid floorplate, single shot receiver.


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