I developed the first BPR Absolute in 2013, made several revisions to its design, and truly tested it for 3 years before releasing the perfect model to the public. In October 2015, before that release, the Absolute earned its spot on the cover of Guns and Ammo Suppressor Magazine as the quietest rifle ever produced. With Mil-Spec sound meter testing protocol and equipment, the Absolute metered 112 decibels firing and 114 decibels dry firing, meaning the snap of the firing pin is louder than the actual discharge of the weapon. This is not a misprint.

$1,950 – $4,350



“Specifically designed for a man whose weapon must check all the boxes. No matter the application, this rifle will get it done and look great doing it.”

  • Built with a Shilen select match barrel

  • Hand deburred and polished action and bolt

  • Customer’s choice  of Cerakote finish, Elite version recommended

  • Built on a Manners EH1 stock or a KRG Chassis

  • Trigger will break at 10 oz

  • Runs an EGW 20 MOA HD rail system

  • 700-Style HD Bottom metal

  • 700-Style bolt-handle

  • BPR rail-mounted level

  • Weighs 9.2 – 11lbs, depending on stock chosen

  • 5 & 10 round magazine

  • Harris 6-9 Bipod with Pod Loc

  • Drop chart to 400 yards

  • An SWFA fixed 10 scope

  • Includes BPR Trigger Shoe

  • Guaranteed to shoot ¼” groups (or better) at 50 yards, and 1” groups (or better)  at 100 yards



“The gentleman’s version of the Absolute”

  • Incorporates a beautiful, walnut stock with custom checkering

  • Stock barrel channel is layed with glass

  • Hand deburred and polished action and bolt

  • Comes in a Cerakote Elite blackout finish

  • Trigger guard assembly is replaced for a high quality steel version with attractive, classic lines

  • Trigger will break at 1lb

  • Weighs 6.5lbs

  • Comes with talley rings made specific for the CZ rifle

  • SWFA fixed 6 or 10 power optic. Customer’s choice

  • Comes with cleaning kit, test target, takedown tool, and a top-notch carrying case

  • Drop chart to 300 yards

  • Guaranteed to shoot ½” groups (or better) at 50 yards, and 1 ½” groups (or better)  at 100 yards


*Base Model

“For the ‘do-it-yourself’ firearms enthusiast”

  • All the same quality machining, same base model gun, same suppressor, and same quietness-guarantee as the Tactical or Supergrade.

  • Includes rifle, take down tool, and a cleaning kit




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