10 Mill Destroyer

I built handguns originally, not rifles, which is something many people do not know. I realized after a trip to Wyoming with some friends, I did not have a handgun that would have the stopping power or dependability that would make me feel safe in many of the environments I travel to. Upon building and testing the 10 Mill Destroyer, I have grown fond of carrying it and the holster configuration that we offer with this package, which is the front of the sternum carry. I was able to harvest an Indiana Trophy Whitetail with a clean heart shot (shown in photos below) on my very first hunting outing with it. With very little practice, a BPR 10 Mill Destroyer will make most anyone look like a pro, even at extreme handgun ranges of 100 yards and beyond.

I will not be found in the woods without my 10 Mill Destroyer. This is a purpose-built weapon made with only the best components intended for its purpose. If you are looking for the ultimate in stopping power, reliability, and performance in a hunting/fighting handgun, the BPR 10 Mill Destroyer is for you. Like all BPR Products, it comes to you sighted into perfection and ready to do work.



  • Velocity Energy:
  • Weight:
  • OAL:
  • Accuracy Guarantee: 12″ at 100 Yards
  • Factory Ammo
  • Low Recoil Similar to 380
  • Build Time: 3 Months
  • Base Gun: Glock 40 MOS

  • KKM Match Barrel

  • Leupold Delta Point 2.5 Pro Melted Into Slide

  • Custom Carver Port Compensator

  • BPR Cerakote Finish
  • Hand Deburr and Micro-Polish

  • Full Frame and Slide Work

  • Tremendous Stopping Power

  • BPR Pro Series Trigger

  • A Look and Feel Totally Unique, Nothing Not to Love.



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