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About Me

In 2009, Joe began shooting steel challenge competitions in the single stack 1911 division. Joe,
and his dedicated custom built steel challenge 1911 built off a fusion frame and slide, strived for a first place standing. Competitors and onlookers started to make note not only of the Joe’s ability, but his custom work to his firearms that were giving him an almost unfair advantage.
While attending school for business, Joe worked with his father in insurance. While Joe’s mind was at work, his heart was thinking ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Shooting. Soon Joe’s father’s office was being frequently trafficked not by people looking for insurance, but gun
work. It was in his father’s small downstairs basement where Joe focused on creating bay oil over glass smooth 1911s and Bell Precision was born.

Joe knew his dream could only grow if he surrounded himself with those who would push his abilities. This search for knowledge first brought Joe to NIC where he learned about Cerakote and would eventually become a Master Applicator. Joe then ended up training with the legendary Bill Laughridge of Cylinder and Slide. Joe befriended a local tool and die man that took him in as his apprentice teaching him the tips and tricks of the machining trade. After a long day at the insurance office, Joe would work with the tool and die man for most every day until the wee hours of the morning for 2 years.

Today Joe and BPR reside in Milroy, IN. Joe’s vision of simple, reliable, and effective weapon systems is not only a living but his love. Joe ensures every weapon produced for a customer can be counted on every time no matter what life throws at them.

“In this industry communication is poor, wait times are long, and the timeline for getting your rifle back that you shoot every day is not okay. I strive to produce an unsurpassed weapon system that delivers accuracy and reliability that no one thought was possible. I treat my
customers the way I wish I was treated through all the years I strived to achieve the knowledge and love I have today. Thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business.”

– Joe Bell: Owner of Bell Precision Rifles


My Vision

To produce the most complete weapon system on the market, providing customers with absolute confidence in its reliability and accuracy.




My Mission

I ensure to, not only supply truly handbuilt precision hunting rifles, quality services, and education, but to also offer a one of a kind experience that is welcoming, personable, and effective. This is my guarantee.

– Joseph Bell


211 West Main St.
Milroy, Indiana 46156





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