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“Good Enough.” This slogan is something that draws a great deal of emotion to me in the fact that I detest it. When I look at something “good enough” my mind works in such a manner to see it as its full potential – to see it better. Better is first and foremost a more enjoyable shooting experience. The confidence that a handcrafted weapon system, specifically designed for each individual, is better than a cookie-cutter gun made for the masses. If you are the type of person that looks for the best deal or purchases what is on sale, rather than what you truly want or need, a Bell Precision rifle is not for you. If you are a man that demands the best in life, but just need some guidance and direction, look no further. The world would be full of a lot of unhappy people if everyone had to wear the same size, style, and shape of shoe. The firearms industry is no different. Many folks don’t know quality, therefore they don’t know what they are missing and are not willing to pay for it. One of my greatest passions is educating my customers on why and how Bell Precision Rifles really are in a class all of their own. “If you want the best, you buy a Bell Precision Rifle.”

My Vision

I ensure to, not only supply truly handbuilt precision hunting rifles, quality services, and education, but to also offer a one of a kind experience that is welcoming, personable, and effective. This is my guarantee.

- Joseph Bell




Customer Experiences

“Joe’s attention to detail is impeccable. The craftsmanship is one of a kind when it comes to building the rifle to fit your needs. Our Department entrusted Bell Precision Rifles to build several sniper rifles for our Swat Team and I will be the first to say that the quality of each platform they built was unbeatable!” .

Sgt Derek H.

“My experience with BPR and Joe Bell has been fantastic. I was given a rifle built by Joe as a generous gift. I had not dealt with Joe before this, but I will definitely be buying from him in the future. The rifle is a magnificent piece of workmanship. The day I went to pick up my rifle, Joe spent the time to review what he had done and why, and then spent the rest of the day with me at the range getting me acquainted with the gun and training me in an area of shooting I wasn’t familiar with. He was patient, fun, and encouraging. He knows his craft; I can’t recommend him highly enough”

Ron C.

“Joe has done an amazing job servicing and cerakoting 3 of my guns before I was able to get on the waiting list for a precision rifle. He was great while I explained and refined my dream rifle. He walked me through every aspect of the build sending updates and pictures and was always responsive when I had questions. When I went to pick up my rifle, I was greeted warmly at his shop and greatly enjoyed seeing the other masterpieces he had in the works. My rifle exceeded my expectations, Joe created a masterpiece/a work of art.”

Ryan W.

“Joe has a true craft, the passion he puts into every weapon system he builds is something that can’t be found anywhere else. His class was great and I couldn’t be happier with the work done at BPR. Highly recommend”.

Trey K.


211 West Main St.
Milroy, Indiana 46156





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